Bangkok has made a new record of international arrivals again, so what’s next?

Following a robust year in 2016, the growth momentum continued in 2017, and is fully expected to continue on into 2018. The city’s upbeat performance is a fruition of hoteliers’ hard work and a little bit of luck when China shut the door to South Korea and Mount Agung in Bali did Thailand a big favour. The Bangkok hotel market enjoyed booming demand across the board with gravitation toward intraregional travels. 2018 outlook remains bright and positive but what lies ahead? One…

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7 Netflix Shows That Will Help You Understand Japan

An unmissable list of shows, films and documentaries about Japan By Christy Anne Jones | June 29, 2018 | From Japanese idol culture to historic propaganda to informative trivia, this list has something for every binge-watching Netflix viewer looking to open their eyes to another side of Japan. It’s that time of year again in Tokyo: the parasols are out, the air is sticky, the crowded trains are sweatier and more humid than usual, and…

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Ladyboys of Thailand

Many kathoey work in predominately female occupations, such as in shops, restaurants, and beauty salons, but also in factories (a reflection of Thailand’s high proportion of female industrial workers). Kathoey also work in entertainment and tourist centers, in cabarets, and as sex workers. Kathoey sex workers have high rates of HIV.     athoeys are more visible and more accepted in Thai culture than transgender people are in other countries in the world. Several popular…

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Comic-Con 2018 – 2019

NOTHER recent comic con phenomenal is seeing all the avid fans dressed up in costumes, these fans are more commonly known as cosplayers. Some elaborate costumes and paint jobs are Oscar nominations worthy. It’s so awe-inspiring to see a character brought to life. If you’re looking to attend a comic con this year, or is a curious first-time goer, we’ve compiled a list of top upcoming comic con 2017 to 2018 dates and locations. You…

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Sansiri disrupts the entire Thai real estate market with the first-ever XT brand featuring “New Lifestyle Condominiums — Extend Your Style” targeting millennials

Latest XT EKKAMAI project with personalised room layouts, co-sharing facilities at any XT condominium and technology innovations to hit the market with first time ever concept Sansiri Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading full-service real estate developer, presents the first-ever new type of real estate approach and is disrupting the entire property landscape with the launch of the XT brand and the New Lifestyle Condominium concept to target millennials. Millennials are changing how we work, play,…

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