Bangkok has made a new record of international arrivals again, so what’s next?

Following a robust year in 2016, the growth momentum continued in 2017, and is fully expected to continue on into 2018. The city’s upbeat performance is a fruition of hoteliers’ hard work and a little bit of luck when China shut the door to South Korea and Mount Agung in Bali did Thailand a big favour. The Bangkok hotel market enjoyed booming demand across the board with gravitation toward intraregional travels.

2018 outlook remains bright and positive but what lies ahead? One must ask oneself, “Are we reaching the peak after a long uphill battle or this is simply a moment before a
flight takes off?”

In all fairness, it is the million dollar question. Despite big numbers of visitation statistics, we must not forget that the two Bangkok airports, the city’s heart and soul feeding tourists to all hotel submarkets, are operating beyond capacity. Until bottlenecks are unlocked, we will likely see smaller waves of single-digit growth for consecutive years.

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