Best Countries to Smoke Weed



Should you smoke here? Ask again later
On October 17, 2018, Canada will legalize recreational marijuana in full. Growers can get licensed by the federal government, and then individual provinces will determine how the product gets distributed and sold. It won’t be heavily advertised — the attitude here is that the government will sign off, but not promote.


Should you smoke here? It depends
Surely the most mismatched category of laws state-by-state across this bipolar land of ours are the marijuana statues. In some you may smoke without fear; in some, you must have a demonstrated ailment to avail yourself of a plant so easy to grow that it’s known as “weed”; in others, carrying so much as a few puffs’ worth of bud can get you thrown into prison, where you’ll share exercise equipment with rapists and serial arsonists.

This, at least, we know for sure: The TSA doesn’t give a flying bong rip about you taking small amounts of pot onto an airplane.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
Private, personal use of recreational marijuana in amounts 5 grams or less is decriminalized, meaning no jail time. It’s still illegal, as is cultivation and sale of marijuana, but there’s been a recent wave of momentum behind legalization as a means of defusing drug violence.


Should you smoke here? Yes
In late 2017, the government of Belize was kind enough to decriminalize cannabis in amounts up to 10 grams. You can smoke it in your home, or someone else’s provided you’ve gotten explicit permission.


Should you smoke here? You may rely on it
Like with many places on this list, it’s technically illegal to smoke here but doing so carries no legal penalties. Smoking up is super common here, and you can be pretty comfortable smoking out on the beach and so forth, not just in the privacy of your room.


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
Weed’s been decriminalized in Jamaica since 2015, and if you happen to be Rastafarian you can use it unlimited quantities with no repercussions. I passed through a few weeks ago and within about a minute and a half of hitting the beach in broad daylight I was approached by strangers asking if I wanted to pick up.

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