Allegations against ‘sex cult’ yoga retreat in Thailand expose darker side of wellness tourism Swami

Vivekananda Saraswati – real name Narcis Tarcau – has fled the country amid reports of abuse endured by former students and staff members at the world’s biggest tantric yoga school, Agama Yoga, on the island of Koh Phangan By MH 12 Sep 2018 Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, whose real name is Narcis Tarcau, has been accused of sexual assault by former staff members and students of Agama Yoga in Thailand. In April, the wellness industry found…

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Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

Vaping, the popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, might be OK where you come from, but in Thailand sucking on your favourite ‘vape’, or even bringing them into the country, could put put you in a Thai prison for ten years. It’s not a new law, with the import of electronic cigarettes and shisha being banned back in October 2014, but most tourists don’t know about the three year old laws. Adding to the confusion the…

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Police inspections – What are your rights?

  The police have a right to inspect your person and property as part of their law enforcement duties, but… There are many stories about bad police planting evidence or fake police trying to misrepresent themselves to shake down an innocent person. What should you do if a person claiming to be a police officer comes up to you and wants to inspect your person or belongings? The primary duty of the police is to…

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Stop Child Trafficking Now

Combating underage sex trafficking in Las Vegas

Zach Meyer / Special to Las Vegas Weekly Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 | Related story In fight against human trafficking, law enforcement has had to evolve Trafficking vs. prostitution Trafficking involves unwilling or coerced participants; prostitution involves individuals who have entered the lifestyle by choice. Nevada has both legal and illegal prostitution, but soliciting sex is illegal in Las Vegas’ jurisdiction. Editor’s note: Names and details that could reveal the subject’s identity were changed or…

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Chinese blogger nabbed offering free sex online at hotel

Sexy blogger drawing throngs of horndogs to the hotel in China where she was staying, according to reports. 19-year-old Chinese blogger was nabbed after offering up free sex online — drawing throngs of horndogs to the hotel in China where she was staying, according to reports. Ye Mouyi 19, who goes by the username Qianjin Yeye, uploaded a video of herself in a bikini put out the sex ad last Thursday via the social media…

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