Our greatest artists are ever-evolving. They reinvent themselves from a truthful place over the years. Erykah Badu has transformed herself time and time again — not only in her music, but in her fashion as well. In honor of Ms. Badu’s 48th birthday, we wanted to have a look at her style journey, as expressed in her videos. We begin with the “On & On,” where we meet Badu as an earthy, comfortable clothes-wearing, effortlessly…

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Drinking Cities in America – The 10 Best

10. Las Vegas, Nevada You know that old saying that’s not actually very old (or cool), “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Well, it’s bullshit. Because your hangover’s coming with you. This is a city where people literally bring you free drinks just for mindlessly pumping pennies into a machine, a psychedelic dreamscape/nightmare where you can drink all day and night at casinos, fake circuses, pools, wedding chapels, rooftops, cocktail bars, down-and-dirty dives, old-school…

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Sin City Temptations

Las Vegas may be all things to all people, but for agents looking to expand their sales beyond room packages and transportation, the destination offers a buffet of tempting add-ons. Need a foodie tour? A biking excursion? A VIP nightclub outing? Vegas has ’em—and serves them up with sweet commissions. From the ever-popular Grand Canyon flight tours to dozens of new and unique experiences—many with an “only in Vegas” twist – there are tour packages…

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How Janelle Monáe gets so much done

Organization, strategy, and a tight group of trusted collaborators keep Janelle Monáe’s artistic world spinning. SK Janelle Monáe how she gets everything done—the critically acclaimed albums, the world tours, the film roles, the activism—and she’ll answer with a single, slightly unexpected word. “Slack!” she says, with a cheerful laugh. “Email used to stress me out. Now I can organize every conversation, and I go into the channel when I need to—I don’t check it every…

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