How traveling abroad with kids showed how to fix US transit

Our trip to Sweden featured reliable trains, wide sidewalks, ubiquitous bathrooms—and no car seats ACH TIME I TRAVEL, I find that the most disorienting part of the trip is what I eventually end up wanting to replicate at home. This summer, I sat on a subway platform beneath Stockholm, mulling how I could bring a stress-free transit-riding experience back with me. My three-year-old sat next to me, enthralled by a wall of colorful geometric graphics…

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Family Travel Trends

As the busy summer travel season approaches, global luxury travel network Virtuoso® reveals that families are roaming the world in search of experiences that create closer bonds and lasting memories. Multigenerational travel continues its run as the year’s top trend in the Luxe Report, and travel with one’s immediate family finished close behind. As well, connecting with family through travel is one of 2018’s must-have experiences. Generation Z: The iGeneration is coming on strong Consisting of…

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Le baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville

James Baldwin’s Paris

How has the city changed since Baldwin arrived more than 60 years ago? A trip in his footsteps reveals some answers.   NE bright afternoon in Paris, on the terrace of the cafe Deux Magots, in St.-Germain-des-Prés, I found myself engaged in an increasingly animated conversation about the writer James Baldwin and the notorious feud that broke out between him and his fellow African-American expatriate Richard Wright. It was late July, and the cafe’s terrace…

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