What to Eat, See, Do in Santa Cruz de Mompox

One of the last authentic colonial towns in Colombia, Santa Cruz de Mompox has slumbered for a century as a near-forgotten backwater. Now, the magic of its storied past is ushering it toward a new heyday. Young Mompoxinos heading to school along a hacienda-lined street. Photo by Daniel Dominguez Wetter. I hear laughter, but I can’t locate its source. It’s not coming from the other diners with me on the terrace of the old marketplace…

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20 reasons why you will fall in love with Colombia

June 6, 2018 Hola amigos, Manuela here. Looking back, after travelling and living in Colombia, I want to confess something…  I’m in love! I’ll admit, it wasn’t love at first sight, however, it wasn’t long until it had won me over. Now, I’m well and truly head over heels for Colombia! This amazing country has me whipped like no other place on earth for so many reasons. To prepare you for this emotional roller-coaster, here are 20…

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Interest in Cuba travel wanes

Fewer Americans are interested in traveling to Cuba this year, according to a survey from travel insurance firm Allianz Global Assistance. This year, 13% of respondents said they were interested in traveling to Cuba, compared to 40% last year, a 27-point drop.  In 2018, 82% of respondents said they are “not likely” to plan a trip to Cuba, up from 76% in 2017 and 70% in 2016. Those who said they are “very likely” to…

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Private Jet

Four Seasons Private Jet Sets 2019 Itineraries Adding New Latin Escape

Nov 20, 2017 Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is introducing three new Private Jet itineraries set to take flight in 2019. These include “Latin Escape,” a 16-day adventure for those looking to explore Central and South America. Lasting just over two weeks, this new itinerary is shorter than Four Seasons’ 24-day around-the-world journeys by private jet, and takes travelers to Miami, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and the Galápagos Islands. The Four Seasons private jet…

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