Top Activities for Girls in Bangkok

EVERYONE KNOWS WHY GUYS COME TO BANGKOK, but what they don’t realise is how many great things there are for girls to do in the city. Whether you are looking for a totally girly experience, with a day at the spa, afternoon tea and shopping, or want to get active by trying Muay Thai or cycling around Bangkok’s historical sites, there won’t be time to get bored in this city. Evenings are just as fun,…

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How Weed Edibles Are Shedding Their Stigma In The Food World

FOOD & DRINK 06/29/2018 Marijuana-infused foods are evolving far beyond pot brownies.   At one point in cannabis culture history, mastering the art of baking the perfect weed brownie was considered a rite of passage, but those days are long gone. Thanks to the development of medical marijuana programs and the decriminalization and legalization of recreational cannabis in multiple states, the THC-infused world of eats has evolved far beyond brownies, cookies and admittedly impressive dispensary snacks…

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Anthony Bourdain

The five “Parts Unknown” episodes you have to watch

June 13, 2018 Netflix announced today that although Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain’s travel show on CNN had been scheduled to leave the streaming service on June 16, in the wake of his death last week, they would keep the episodes indefinitely. Currently there are eight seasons, each with eight one-hour episodes available. That’s a lot of binge-watching to contemplate. There are two ways to choose if you don’t want to plow straight through. The first…

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6 hot new restaurants Bangkok this May

Apr 29, 2018 Koi You might remember Koi from its Sukhumvit days as the place where models went to get laid on Friday nights. Now, the California-born brand has taken over what was once the 39th-floor restaurant at Ku De Ta, where it dishes out fusion-y, Japanese comfort food—spicy tuna on crispy rice cakes, wagyu beef with mashed potatoes and fried rice. The long, narrow space retains its sultry, lounge-bar ambience with leather upholstered seats and a…

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