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China: Mount Taishan –

China: Mount Taishan

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Mount Taishan

China: Mount Taishan

Located in Shandong province, Mount Taishan is the most famous sacred mountain of China, with an exceptional cultural heritage. Settled by humans as early as the Neolithic (a Dawenkou site is nearby), the mountain has been worshipped continuously throughout the last three millennia. Rising to an altitude of over 5,000 feet, Mount Taishan also is one of the most beautiful spots in China and was an important cradle of East Asian culture. The key monument, the Temple to the God of Taishan, contains the Taoist masterpiece painting of 1,009 CE “The God of Taishan Making a Journey.” There also are a number of ancient and significant trees, including six cypresses of the Han Dynasty planted 2,100 years ago; Sophia japonica of the Tang Dynasty planted 1,300 years ago, and the Guest-Greeting Pine and the Five-Bureaucrat Pine, both of which were planted some 500 years ago. All the architectural elements, paintings, sculptures, stone inscriptions and ancient trees are integrated into the landscape of Mount Taishan.

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