How to recharge on vacation when you can’t stop stressing out

Sometimes life throws you unexpected obstacles right when you don’t want to deal with them. Here’s how to do it anyway.

Vacations are supposed to be the time to unplug, relax, and recharge. Ideally, when you return to work, you want to feel refreshed, rested, and more productive.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out that way. You might have every intention of going on a work-free beach getaway, but then stress books a ride along with you.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations

There’s this misconception that when we go on vacation, we should be able to “have everything squared away,” Boyes tells Fast Company.

Boyes also rejects the idea that a vacation is only restorative if it’s work-free, pointing out that this idea is incompatible with the realities of modern life. If the thought of not dealing with a pressing issue until after your vacation makes you anxious, for example, there’s nothing wrong with dedicating some time during your vacation to tackle it. And if you hate the thought of coming back to a mountain of work, perhaps you can schedule an hour or two every day to make progress on that work.

Be honest about what’s important to you

With so many Americans reporting disengagement at work, it might be strange to think that there are people out there who love their jobs and enjoy their vacations more if they did some work on vacation–rather than completely disconnect.

“Some people do things that they think they should enjoy, but don’t actually enjoy.” For example, perhaps your idea of relaxation is enjoying long dinners, and you have absolutely no interest in going to museums and monuments. Don’t make yourself go to them. Otherwise it becomes a tick box on a checklist, and you’re adding an unnecessary source of stress.

Source: Fast Company

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