A S I A A R T I S T I N F O C U S : N A K A D I A

By Olivia Wycech
8 December 2015 New Releases – Mixmag Asia Exclusives

From the impoverished countryside of Thailand’s Isaan province to global dance music icon, this is the story of NakadiThai DJ Nakadia

Techno changed Nakadia’s life.

It all began one night in Germany. A friend was going to a techno club and invited a very young Nakadia, who was there in 2002 on a modeling assignment, to join him. It was there that Nakadia, a country girl who until then lived in the poor Thai province of Issan, heard techno for the first time. She was immediately drawn to it by its hypnotic drive, its pulsating basslines and the effect it had on the people the surrounded her on the dance floor.

She went back to Thailand with a new purpose, an enlightened perspective and an insatiable appetite for music. But after a few years of playing gigs in Bangkok and beyond, Nakadia wasn’t satisfied and opted for something she couldn’t get in Thailand international exposure.

Now she’s based out of Berlin and is club trotting her way around the globe. In fact she’s played over 1,200 gigs in 60 countries to date. But for a while she still had something to prove. Criticism in the music industry runs far too rampant today and she’s had to make some changes to her approach but hidden beneath her lighthearted demeanor and her boisterous personality and is a brave and humble soul with an abundance of musical talent and a profound love for what she does.

And with that Nakadia has earned her spot among the techno’s elites, even going so far as being feted by Sven Vath, a relationship that was solidified by reoccurring gigs together in Thailand. She become a bastion of Thailand’s electronic music community and represents the flourishing scene in Thailand when she’s abroad. As she prepares to return to her motherland, likely to escape a brutal Berlin winter, we caught up with her to chat about the trials and tribulations that come with not just surviving but conquering the often vicious international dance music industry.

Nakadia Antwerp2


Tell us a bit about your life before DJing? What kind of jobs did you have?

I started working when I was 15 and I did many jobs, mostly in factories. Packing food, manufacturing dishes and checking hard discs at the Seagate factory. The last years before my DJ career I worked at several shops in the mall and at an Internet cafe.

What’s the longest DJ set you’ve ever played?

Earlier this year in Budapest I was booked together with Matador from Drumcode. He missed his plane so I had the chance to play all night a six hour set. In Thailand I often play 5-6 hours as well at my own parties.

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