Myanmar Government Cease Use of US Dollar

Myanmar Government Cease Use of US Dollar

Myanmar Government Cease Use of US Dollar

YANMAR has announced that it will curb the widespread use of the US dollar by firms. The central bank has revoked foreign exchange licenses from businesses ranging from hotels and restaurants to hospitals. How this will impact you Be assured that EXO Travel will continue to invoice in US Dollars and all pricing will remain the same, meaning that no changes will be made to current arrangements. How this will impact your clients After the changes, only banks and official money changers will be allowed to continue exchanging dollars. EXO Travel has always used official money changers and banks for clients to convert US Dollars into Myanmar Kyats in order to pay their daily expenses, and we can ensure you that there will be no major impact on client’s trips.

If you have any immediate enquiries please email us at, alternatively we will endeavour to keep you updated on these developments as soon as we receive further information from the authorities.

The Vanitytours Travel Team

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