Real Rules Around Drinking in Airports and on Airplanes

Between being stuck in a long security line behind someone who decided to pack a carry-on full of water bottles and the screaming children sprawled out on the 1970s carpets, there is something about an airport that makes you want a stiff drink. And don’t even get us started on airplanes themselves. Those metal tubes improbably hurling through the sky come with their own set of thirst-inducing anxieties. Luckily, most terminals have at least one bar or…

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5 Sipping Whiskeys Perfect for Summer

Contrary to what some may think, whiskey is not just a cold weather beverage. All you need to do is look to some of the most refreshing cocktails out there because they contain none other than whiskey.  To help you choose the best, we picked five whiskey expressions that are perfect for summer drinking. Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea Bourbon ($87) The whiskey is aged at sea, meaning barrels are placed aboard a ship that travels the…

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