Real Rules Around Drinking in Airports and on Airplanes

Between being stuck in a long security line behind someone who decided to pack a carry-on full of water bottles and the screaming children sprawled out on the 1970s carpets, there is something about an airport that makes you want a stiff drink. And don’t even get us started on airplanes themselves. Those metal tubes improbably hurling through the sky come with their own set of thirst-inducing anxieties. Luckily, most terminals have at least one bar or…

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Best rooftop bars in KL to bask in the city skyline

Plenty would view rooftop bars as merely a gimmick; a tourist trap that entices you with the city skyline. Yet it’s hard to deny that rooftop bars do have significant flair and grandeur whereas the selling point of a regular bar requires a great selection of cocktails, its atmosphere, its theme, and its clientele. As far as rooftop bars go, its atmosphere is already provided from the get-go. If you’re from Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur,…

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