LAX to allow marijuana in carry-ons

OS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, better known as LAX, has announced that it will permit travelers to bring small amounts of legal marijuana through security in their carry-on bags. But wait: That doesn’t mean you can toke up at the airport. Pot is legal in several US states, but not on the federal level, so you still need to study up before packing your bags on your way out of LA. In 2016, California passed Proposition…

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Only The Super Rich Can Afford To Use This Terminal At Los Angeles Airport

This is what flying looks like for the 1 percent. Traveling just got even easier for rich people, thanks to a new amenity at Los Angeles International Airport. Now the wealthy can pay their way to a better airport experience when they use The Private Suite, an ultra-VIP airport terminal for commercial flights. The annual membership fee for The Private Suite costs $7,500, but it comes with some pretty amazing perks, like a literal private…

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