Police inspections – What are your rights?

  The police have a right to inspect your person and property as part of their law enforcement duties, but… There are many stories about bad police planting evidence or fake police trying to misrepresent themselves to shake down an innocent person. What should you do if a person claiming to be a police officer comes up to you and wants to inspect your person or belongings? The primary duty of the police is to…

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TAT says we shouldn’t focus attention on sex tourism | NCPO warns protestors about Pinocchio masks | March 1 kicks off hot-season and registration of new political parties | Academics warn about coral restoration off Patong | Doctor in Hua Hin arrested over abortion clinic | Fake watch vendors arrested in Pattaya.

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A colourful and stylish weekend escape to Phuket

Travel Feb 7 2018 Fashion expert and stylist Leaf Greener tells us all about the highlights from her recent trip to Phuket. To learn more about other experiences in Phuket, check out our special collaboration with Rosewood Phuket. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in fashion and the way an outfit, an interesting pattern, or a visually striking colour palette can evoke emotions — whether it’s creating joy, excitement, sadness or longing. As a style editor, I…

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