Getting Inked In Tokyo: 3 Female-Friendly Tattoo Studios

The Safest Places In The Capital To Get That Kanji Inked Right April 26, 2018 | Lifestyle It’s your body, your choice. But choosing the right place to get inked is your responsibility. Maybe you’re looking to commemorate a loved one, empower yourself with a quote or a Japanese kanji or you just like art and want a piece of it for yourself — there are hundreds of reasons to get a tattoo. It’s your…

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Tokyo’s Top Five Shopping Districts

Japan’s capital is deservedly known as one of the world’s shopping meccas, offering numerous vibrant and trendsetting districts in which you can find everything from the high-end to the offbeat, from subculture favorites to traditional crafts and vintage wares. Beyond department stores, the city has countless shopping streets‚ arranging from posh boulevards packed with flagship stores to back alleyways focused on a particular niche such as sport or vintage clothing as well as some impressive…

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Harajuku Actress w/ h.Naoto Kimono Sleeve Top, Hangry&Angry & Vivienne Westwood

Coyumi is a young Japanese actress who we have seen around Harajuku several times. In addition to her twin tails hairstyle, Coyumi is wearing a pretty kimono-sleeve top from the Japanese brand h.Naoto Gouk with a floral h.Naoto Gouk skirt (featuring a large bow on the front), white tights, and tall lace-up Yosuke platform boots. Accessories include her cute plush Hangry (of Hangry&Angry, also by h.Naoto), cat ears, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, a corset,…

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