6 worst airports in the US

  6. Los Angeles International Airport On a 1,000-point scale, travelers scored LAX a 702. The airport is know for its long waits to get through security, immigration, and customs, according to the LA Times. Some travelers have also complained of poor signage, limited seating, unclean restrooms, and crowded terminals. There are renovations planned for the airport, including a $1.6-billion midfield terminal that will add 12 gates for aircrafts. In February 2016, a revamped Terminal…

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Bangkok’s “all-in-one” transport card will only work on MRT

The much-vaunted Mangmoom (“Spider”) card will finally be unveiled to the public on Jun 22, but it won’t deliver all that was anticipated.  The card, meant to cover all modes of public transportation, has been promised for the best part of a decade but has encountered setback after setback. Upon its release, the Mangmoom card will only work on the MRT Blue and Purple lines. That’s right, the lines you already have a card for. The good…

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