– Honeymoon/Destination Weddings

Honeymoons are holidays taken by a newly married couple soon after their Honeymoons. They are a traditional, or at least common (if private) part of wedding celebrations in some cultures. Finding your ideal honeymoon destination can prove difficult as a lot of factors come into account such as budget as well as what type of honeymoon you both wish to go on whether it may be a beach or safari honeymoon. More often than not…

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5 Reasons to Get Married on a Cruise – Cruise Radio

We have five awesome reasons you should consider getting married on a cruise – from the food to accommodations and more, it can be cheaper. 5 Reasons to Get Married on a Cruise December 14, 2015 by Heather Fasching Nowadays, the average cost of a wedding has risen to more than $30,000. However, a cruise wedding costs an average of just $7,000. You could take a lot of cruises with those savings. But cruise weddings…

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