Tanzania increased tourist arrivals from US, Switzerland

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Tourism in Tanzania seems to have experienced a quantum leap catalyzed by increased tourist arrivals from United States of America and Switzerland. The two countries have promoted Tanzania’s tourism industry with more tourists visiting the tourist attractions in the country. The increase has been catapulted by prominent iconic figures visiting the country as well, that have put the sector in the tourism world map.


In 2017, American tourist arrivals increased by 2,238 to reach 67, 238 while Swiss arrivals went up to 14, 474 from 10,356 recorded in 2012.

A dominance of Germans and English from the United Kingdom visiting Tanzania. Tanzania boasts of an array of tourist attractions has brought larger competition to South Africa and other African countries.

Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) is pleased with the revival of the sector as it is one of the highest foreign exchange earner in the country, with agriculture contesting for the top spot.

Serengeti National Park has been one of the most visited tourist site by prominent celebrities including retired US President Barack Obama. American actor Will Smith and English retired football player David Beckham are among the world-class celebrities.

Their visits has made Tanzania’s light shine on the global map.

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