The Dominican Republic: A Great Favorite Among French Nationals Who Prefer Long Distance Destinations

Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic: A Great Favorite Among French Nationals Who Prefer Long Distance Destinations

The Dominican Republic maintains its position as a favorite destination of French nationals. Last year 232,024 French tourists visited the country through one of the 36 weekly direct flights between Paris, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana.  Air France currently operates 26 flights, XL Airways four, Air Caraibes three, and French Blue three.

According to the Union of French Tour Operators travel to the Caribbean by French nationals experienced strong growth during this past summer, in comparison to numbers registered during the same time period in 2016. The largest growing market was to the Dominican Republic (188%) and the French Antilles (12%).

The French market is the second most important European market for the Dominican tourism industry, followed by Germany, and the fourth worldwide. During the January-August 2017 period, some 156,000 French nationals traveled to the country by air.

Of the 935,000 European tourists who visited the Dominican Republic during January-August, 17% were French nationals.  They represented 4% of all airline passengers traveling to the D.R.

36 Weekly Direct Flights

During the last few years, the Dominican Republic has maintained its position as the favorite long distance destination of French nationals.  There are currently 36 weekly direct flights between France and the D.R.

Air Europa

The Spanish-based airline handles 20 weekly flights between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo from Madrid, which also connects between Madrid-Paris. Also, Air Caraibes and Air Antilles also have flights between Paris and Santo Domingo.

Hotels in the Dominican Republic

According to the French Union of Tour Operators hurricanes Irma and Maria did not impact the tourism infrastructure of the Dominican Republic.

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