Travel Tip: Shortest Scheduled Commercial Airline Flights

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Most of us know about–and usually complain about–long airline flights. But now it’s time to celebrate the world’s shortest scheduled commercial airline flights.

So which is the shortest flight? Well, let’s check in for St. Martin to Anguilla. The flight is 12 miles in length and takes only 10 minutes.

How about the Loganair flight between the Orkeny Islands in Scotland? The distance is just two miles, and it lasts about a minute.

But wait, there’s an even shorter flight. It’s in Indonesia, and the distance is just 1.3 miles, flown on a single-engine propeller plane.

My favorite short flight, and I’ve taken it, is between Tangier in Morocco and Gibraltar Island. What’s fun about this 43-mile flight across the Straits of Gibraltar is the landing. The runway is also the only real road in Gibraltar, and so it has to be cleared before you touch down.

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