US Government Halts All 737-MAX Aircraft

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Effective immediately, all U.S. operated Boeing 737-MAX aircraft will be grounded by order of the President. The emergency order follows in line with many other worldwide restrictions and comes shortly after Canada also issued a suspension of all 737-MAX aircraft from operating in its controlled airspace.

In the announcement, President Trump added that “Pilots have been notified, airlines have been all notified. Airlines are agreeing with this.

Boeing 737 MAX Operations in America

Three US-based carriers operate variations of the 737-MAX model aircraft, Southwest, American, and United Airlines. Below is the following breakdown of fleet size and service by each airline:

Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

United Airlines

There is no current timeframe on how long the grounding will remain in effect as the FAA and other governments wait for further information regarding the fatal accident of Flight 302 in Ethiopia.


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