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Vietnam Should Establish Red-Light Districts in Special Economic Zones –

Vietnam Should Establish Red-Light Districts in Special Economic Zones

Red Light District


A member of Vietnam’s National Assembly has suggested that the country should consider legalizing prostitution in special economic zones.

VnExpress reports Vietnam should look into creating regulated prostitution in such zones. Casinos have already been approved in these areas.
The government is currently debating special incentives to create three special economic zones: Van Don in Quang Ninh province, Van Phong in Khanh Hoa province and another on Phu Quoc Island.

Officials hope these areas will attract international corporations investment and become economic and tourism hubs. The ban on local gambling will not be in place in these zones, but legalized prostitution had not been mentioned until now.

“Life has such realistic demands. We’ve got to go with the flow and work out an appropriate mechanism.”

ROSTITUTION is legal in roughly 70 countries, including Singapore, allowing these nations to regulate the sex industry and mitigate the spread of STDs. In Vietnam, however, the topic is still largely taboo.

Always Exciting

Bui Vien Street has it all – shops, restaurants, and an exciting night life. There are shops for clothing, hats, silk scarves, totes – you name it. The restaurants served local foods, as well as hamburgers and other “American” foods. The night life went on to the wee hours of the morning – inexpensive drinks and street shows, such as a flame thrower.

Backpackers & Tourist Centre Of Activity-Ho Chi Minh City

Bui Vien Street has it all for the local or international tourist with a fantastic variety of food together with the hotels and tourist support services needed by the weary traveller. It is busy busy and a great place to sit and watch the world go by while enjoying a cold beer. A great eating mall has also been finished nearby specializing in the local cuisine, as does Bui Vien. Many other interesting nooks and cranies and art shops are sprinkled around. Night time eating on sidewalk expands as other adjoining offices close down for the night.

Vietnam Nightlife – SAIGON

Source: Vietnam Should Establish Red-Light Districts in Special Economic Zones: Lawmaker – Saigoneer

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