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We are in the era of the Black Geek! – AFROPUNK |

We are in the era of the Black Geek! – AFROPUNK

If you are a geek, the past couple of years have been pretty amazing. The rapid adaptation and wide spread use of technology sparked a shift that made being geek cool and the business world raced to profit off of it.

There was a resurgence of interest in comic books and some of the hottest movies and television shows were based on comics and sci-fi or fantasy. Consequently, geeks, who had been shunned and outcast were now putting their years of comic book knowledge to use breaking down things like the multiverse, Earth 2 and Old Valariyan. But while this surge happened, if you were a geek of color you watched and waited with baited breath for your heroes to be recognized too. And then we began to pop up.

Iron Man had War Machine, Samuel Jackson was Nick Fury, Idris Elba was Heimdall but we wanted more. And then the sprinkle of color in the geek universe became a pour as more and more the shows started to reflect the diversity in the world. And those sentiments started to pour outside of just traditional entertainment.

Even the geek world started coming to the realization that all geeks aren’t created equal and while we have been here all along it seemed the world finally started taking notice. And not just as just part of the geek market but its own entity that had its own culture, views, ways to communicate but more importantly its own economic and cultural influence. And the era of the black geek had begun.

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