Where to Visit in South East Asia

Planning a trip to South East Asia? Read this.

Reduce your 6 degrees of separation with these 6 unique South East Asia Experiences from our friends at Flight Centre small group tours

Luang Prabang Morning Alms

One of South East Asia’s most ionic rituals the tak bat – or the Buddhist Lao monks’ morning collection of food in Luang Prabang — is a humbling experience for anyone venturing through the north of central Laos. The tak bat is a silent ritual that is rooted in meditation, religion and respect; where the almsgivers give local monks cooked rice and may receive spiritual redemption; continuing a ritual that has survived for hundreds of years.

Hue Cuisine

You could have the most aesthetic food on social media and it wouldn’t rival the gastronomic works of art that is Hue Cuisine in Vietnam. A pure harmony of sight, smell and taste – this gorgeous food defines the heart of Central Vietnamese cuisine. Often toted as the must have food by locals, Hue Cuisine is rich in both history and flavour.

One Night In a longhouse in Borneo

Buried away in the jungles of Borneo sit traditional village long houses –  reaching up to five hundred meters in length, these enormous structures host dozens of families and offer a unique traditional experience. The adventure begins before stepping foot inside the longhouse, as you travel by boat and foot through the calm waters and dense jungles of Borneo. As a rule of thumb, the further you find yourself from the city the more traditional and authentic the experience. Must dos include hiking through the jungle, touring the local longhouse garden and of course tucking into a bottle of tuak – local rise whiskey — with the longhouse community.

Slow Boat down the Mekong

Take some time out of your busy itinerary by drifting away on a slow boat down the Mekong River in Laos. Often cited by travellers as one the best experiences travelling through South East Asia –manoeuvring along the banks of Mekong; you will see rolling hills, farmlands and rustic villages. Slow Boats often dock along the way, allowing travellers to explore the villages and small towns scattered along the Mekong.

Sukhothai Temples

Explore the ruins of Sukhothai – 193 ruins within a 70 square kilometres area of the Sukhothai Historical Park. This World Heritage Site welcomes thousands of tourists yearly and for good reason; it is the home to ancient Buddha figures, grand palace buildings and remarkable temple ruins. Travellers can’t miss Wat Mahathat or ‘temple of the great relic’ – Sukhothai’s largest temple featuring a magnificent seated bronze Buddha image cast in the Sukhothai style in 1362.

Bangkok Street Food

Explore the endless enchanting options of Bangkok Street Food. Ticking the trifecta of necessities of street food; convenient, cheap and most importantly delicious, Bangkok reminds you why it’s renowned as the home to some of the best eats in the world.

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