WOW air Launch Low-Fare Service New York JFK to Europe


WOW Air WOW air, Iceland’s upstart low-fare transatlantic airline, will officially begin service out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on April 27, 2018, giving passengers the opportunity to visit European destinations just in time for spring. Travelers still have the option to fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) as well, with a total of 20 weekly flights from both JFK and EWR. For a limited time, $99 one-way tickets will be available from JFK and EWR to Reykjavik, Iceland and $149 one-way tickets from EWR to Amsterdam (AMS), Berlin (SXF) and Paris (CDG) and from JFK to London (STN), Paris (CDG) and Amsterdam (AMS). Fares went on sale Feb. 27 and are available for purchase at The reduced one-way fares is offered for flights departing April through June 2018.


1.0 star rating 12/25/2017

1. No food on long-haul flights, not even drinks 2. No in-flight entertainment for 9 hours 3. Baggage fee is $40 after you pay for carry on fee. The original baggage fee is $90 4. The seats are paper thin and does not recline. I felt every movement from the person behind me 5. The aircraft is not properly cleaned and as a result I got strong allergic reaction 6. The aircraft is also well-lit the entire way to make sure you cannot sleep

Please, DO NOT TAKE THIS AIRLINE. Pay a little extra for your dignity.

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Peter V. Ottawa, Canada

4.0 star rating 7/2/2017

Used this airline for a trip to Iceland originating from Montreal. The experience was fine since I read up on how they work ahead of time. This is clearly a discount airline so temper your expectations. Bring your own food/drinks from the airport… a coffee will be approximately 4-5 bucks. Seats are tight but typical of other cheap airlines. No entertainment system but those always suck anyway – bring your iPad.

If you do your research on the bag fees you can manage to bring a smaller carry on and not pay any fees. I managed to pack enough for 6 days in a bag that fit the small carry on. That said if you are going on a long trip or can’t re-wear a few pairs of pants then you will pay more.

At the end of the day, they got me there and back safely and on time with dirt cheap ticket prices. Not sure what more to expect. All in we paid less for this flight than any domestic one I’ve ever taken in Canada.

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