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Your Millennial Travel Guide to Brooklyn –

Your Millennial Travel Guide to Brooklyn

Whether your clients are visiting Manhattan for a vacation, personal business or a meeting, do them a favor and suggest them to take out time to get over to Brooklyn for some authentic drinking and dining experiences.

Hipster Fun: Williamsburg

Tucked between the East River and Bushwick Avenue is the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. How to get there? The “L” train subway will remain running until January 2019 before shutting down between Brooklyn and Manhattan for a projected 18 months to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Alternatively, take a cab or an Uber…it’s all quick and easy, just ask a local.

Once there, take a walk down Bedford Avenue, which is filled with funky shops and restaurants that have helped make Williamsburg a popular destination. A must-visit dining spot? Sweet Chick at 164 Bedford Avenue is so super popular that it draws a crowd even on a Wednesday afternoon. We sampled the fried chicken sandwich served with spicy honey on the side. We also tried the grilled chicken salad, which comes with a spicy kick. This eatery also serves traditional sweet tea and lemonade made with or without a little kick of alcohol. Guess which one we chose. Hint: Be prepared to sit close to other patrons. There is also a communal table along with other seating and a small bar.

Did someone say pizza? Continue your stroll down Bedford to reach Joe’s Pizza on the corner at 5th Street. We enjoyed a quick slice and though we might sound jaded (we are), you’ll find that New York City pizza is the best in the world. No discussion needed.

Want More? Further along Bedford is Bagelsmith, which serves house-made bagels. And then there’s the Bedford Cheese Shop with its artisanal cheese samples maintained by knowledgeable cheese mongers.

For a dose of entertainment, Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Avenue) shows both new and fan-favorite movies with a twist. This theater has a gourmet concession stand, tableside food and beverage service. We suggest ordering a cocktail in the downstairs bar, Lo-Res, before the show in one of the three theaters. We also suggest checking out the themed-series like Country Brunchin’. This quarterly show brings together country music, brunch and, of course, movies with a splash of Southern fun.

Source: Your Millennial Travel Guide to Brooklyn | Travel Agent Central

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